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Royal Star

Royal Star

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Step into the realm of tea royalty with our exquisite blend, Royal Star. Crafted to enchant and delight, this tea offers a symphony of flavours and aromas that will transport you to a world of indulgence and sophistication.

At the heart of Royal Star lies a meticulously balanced blend of the finest green and oolong tea leaves, carefully selected for their depth and complexity. Sourced from the lush fields of China, these leaves provide the perfect canvas for the infusion of fruity sweetness and floral notes that define this blend.

Infused with the essence of ripe peaches and the subtle spice of redcurrants, each sip of Royal Star is a journey of discovery, unfolding layer by layer on the palate. Delicate flower blossoms add a touch of elegance, while natural flavourings enhance the tea's natural sweetness, creating a harmonious and luxurious experience.

Whether enjoyed steaming hot on a crisp morning or chilled to perfection on a balmy afternoon, Royal Star promises to elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights. Indulge in the opulence of Royal Star and let its regal flavours reign supreme in your teacup.

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To Enjoy

Place one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Switch the kettle off, before it boils, when you hear the water rumbling. Add the hot, but not boiling, water and infuse for 3 minutes. Serve immediately or remove leaves to prevent spoiling.


Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Flavouring, Freeze-dried Redcurrants, Cornflower Blossoms, Sunflower Blossoms.

Allergens Note: All products are packed in an environment that contains nuts and other allergens.

Our Sizes Explained


Standard Caddy

Our bespoke white and lilac caddy is the perfect way to keep your infusion fresh.
Contains enough for approximately 40 cups of happiness.

Refill Pouch

Refill Cartons

The refill carton, available in Standard and Large, is a perfect, environmentally friendly way to replenish your Tea Palace Caddies.

Contains enough for approximately 40 cups (Standard) or 60 cups (Large) of one of our infusions.

Sample Caddy

Sample Caddy

Our small sample size caddy weighs 45g and is the perfect way to try a new infusion or multiple different blends.
It contains enough for approximately 10 cups of goodness. 

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About Royal Star

Royal Star is a tea blend that combines green tea and oolong tea with a variety of flavourful and visually appealing additions.

The blend features the fresh and slightly vegetal notes of green tea, contributing to a clean and uplifting base.

Oolong tea adds complexity with its partially oxidized character, offering a nuanced blend of floral, fruity, or toasty notes.

Freeze-dried redcurrants introduce a burst of fruity tartness, complementing the tea with their vibrant red colour and refreshing taste.

Cornflower blossoms, with their vibrant blue hue, contribute visual appeal to the blend, though they are less likely to significantly influence the overall taste.

Sunflower blossoms add a touch of yellow to the blend, enhancing its visual attractiveness. They generally do not impart a strong flavour but contribute to the aesthetic appeal.

Royal Star delivers a multifaceted flavour experience, combining the freshness of green tea, the complexity of oolong, and the added dimensions from redcurrants and undisclosed flavouring.

The aroma is a delightful fusion of floral, fruity, and fresh notes, with a subtle hint of sweetness.

The inclusion of dried redcurrants, cornflower blossoms, and sunflower blossoms brings vibrant colours to the blend, making it visually captivating.

Royal Star can be enjoyed either hot or iced. Personal preferences may influence whether to add a touch of sweetness or savour it in its natural state, appreciating the harmonious combination of tea and botanical elements.