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Crafted with a passion for holistic wellness, our Detox herbal infusion stands as a beacon of purity and vitality, offering a delightful fusion of pure herbs and spices designed to nurture both body and spirit. A perennial favourite among our discerning clientele, this caffeine-free elixir embodies the essence of health and happiness, delivering a sensory experience that is as invigorating as it is rejuvenating.

At Tea Palace, we believe in harnessing the inherent power of nature's bounty to promote overall well-being. Our Detox blend is a harmonious union of fennel, lemongrass, and lemon peel, meticulously curated to optimise metabolism and restore balance to the digestive system. Infused with a wealth of antioxidants, this blend is a veritable tonic for the body and soul.

But the benefits of Detox extend beyond mere detoxification. With the inclusion of burdock root and cleavers, revered for their ability to improve circulation and aid lymphatic drainage, our blend offers a comprehensive approach to holistic wellness. Each sip of Detox is a testament to the transformative potential of natural remedies, offering a gentle yet effective pathway to vitality and renewal.

As a naturally caffeine-free infusion, Detox is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle, serving as a refreshing tonic to accompany your wellness journey. Upon brewing, it yields a balanced and crisp infusion, bursting with fruity flavors and fragrant aromatics that uplift the senses and fortify the spirit. From the first sip to the last, Detox promises a journey of rejuvenation and revitalisation, allowing you to embrace a life of health, vitality, and happiness.

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Detox Health Benefits

Lemon peel contains high levels of calcium and vitamin C, both of which are great for bone health, it is strong antioxidant and may aid in reducing cholesterol and heart conditions.

Lemon Myrtle is notable because it contains the highest purity of citral of any of the citrus herbs and fruits. It is known for being strongly antimicrobial, in fact lemon myrtle oil is so strong that it can be toxic when undiluted. In dried leaf form, lemon myrtle retains this antimicrobial property to a lesser degree which also makes it somewhat antibiotic and antibacterial. It is also anti-inflammatory so is used in the treatment of congestion and reduction of mucus. Lemon Myrtle is a digestive and may aid in relieving indigestion. It is antiseptic so excellent for reliving sore throat and has been suggested to assist in improving oral health. It is also packed with Vitamin C, antioxidant, anti-viral and helps to boost the immune system.

Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is an effective diuretic. Drinking teas containing lemon grass is also known to have a calming effect which can relieve insomnia and stress.

Burdock root is high in potassium and is therefore commonly used in the relief of high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. It is also a well-know digestive, and whilst the the effectiveness of burdock may be reduced in infusions when compared to ingesting the root (because of the difference in fibre content), it nonetheless will be present in smaller quantities. Burdock contains insulin which aids in the control of blood cholesterol and diabetes, and well as helping to clean out the liver. It is also used as a blood purifier, diaphoretic and diuretic, is said to stimulate bile production and reduce excessive uric acid in the blood - a common factor in the development of gout. Burdock is high in polyacetylene compounds which are used variously to treat cough, fever, sore throat, arthritis, rheumatism and various gastrointestinal disorders.

To Enjoy

Place one dessertspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 4 minutes.



Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Fennel Seeds, Lime Blossoms, Burdock Root, Cleavers.

Allergens Note: All products are packed in an environment that contains nuts and other allergens.

Our Sizes Explained


Standard Caddy

Our bespoke white and lilac caddy is the perfect way to keep your infusion fresh.
Contains enough for approximately 40 cups of happiness.

Refill Pouch

Refill Cartons

The refill carton, available in Standard and Large, is a perfect, environmentally friendly way to replenish your Tea Palace Caddies.

Contains enough for approximately 40 cups (Standard) or 60 cups (Large) of one of our infusions.

Sample Caddy

Sample Caddy

Our small sample size caddy weighs 45g and is the perfect way to try a new infusion or multiple different blends.
It contains enough for approximately 10 cups of goodness. 

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About Detox

Detox tea, crafted from a blend of lemon peel, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, fennel seeds, lime blossoms, burdock root, and cleavers, offers a rejuvenating infusion designed to support your body's natural detoxification processes.

This herbal blend presents a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile with citrusy undertones and hints of earthy sweetness from the fennel seeds. Its bright and uplifting aroma, tinged with the zesty scent of lemon, provides a delightful sensory experience.

Each ingredient is carefully selected for its potential health benefits. Burdock root and cleavers are traditionally recognised for aiding toxin elimination, while fennel seeds support digestion and toxin flushing. Lemongrass and fennel seeds offer digestive relief, alleviating stomach discomfort and bloating, while the citrus components aid digestion.

Additionally, the detox tea boasts a rich antioxidant content, helping to combat oxidative stress and protect cells from free radical damage, thus contributing to overall well-being.

To enjoy the benefits of this detox tea, steep it in hot water for several minutes to allow the flavours to infuse fully. Whether savoured in the morning to invigorate the senses or as a calming evening ritual, this infusion promises a revitalising and refreshing experience.