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Hannah Chrysanthemum

Hannah Chrysanthemum

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Hannah Chrysanthemum Tea is a delicious and moreish green tea blossom that exemplifies the best in craftsmanship when creating bloom teas. From picking and steaming the freshest premium spring green tea leaves to hand-tying them with wonderful Chrysanthemum blossoms, this tea uses ancient techniques to create a seemingly simple combination that unfolds to reveal flavour and delicate beauty.

Freshly picked green tea leaves from the Yunnan province in China are weaved with Chrysanthemum by artisans, producing a pale yellow liquor and a delightfully earthy profile with sweet highlights invocative of pineapple. The beautiful flavour and quality of this tea originates from the venerable process of its creation.

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About Flowering Teas


Flowering teas (or blooming teas) are an exquisite and delightful experience, both in terms of taste and stunning visuals. Formed into a bulb by hand; the crafter begins by selecting the freshest whole green tea leaves and binding them carefully to a beautiful selection of flowers and flower petals, this is then left to dry and set into a delicate bundle.

When steeped, the bundle slowly unfurls in a process resembling a blooming flower to reveal the beautifully laid out tea leaves and the flowers inside which emerge as a stunning centrepiece. The combination of tea leaves and flowers produce a wonderfully scented liquor from pale yellow to golden in colour and often a light flavour with sweet undertones.

Flowering teas are typically sourced from the Yunnan province in China and the flowers most commonly used are globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, hibiscus and osmanthus. It is unclear whether flowering tea is a modern creation or an older invention from China; but we do know that it has become hugely popular since its introduction to the West in the latter half of the 20th century.

Flowering tea is best served in a glass teapot or mug in order to fully enjoy the performance of the opening blossom.

Tea Palace offers a range of 3 specially selected flowering teas, each with unique characteristics sure to delight the senses. For the opportunity to experience our full range, as well as compare and contrast them; please select our set of 3 flowering teas.

We also offer the Marrakesh Glass Teapot which features a unique, curvier shape and inbuilt strainer in order to perfectly enjoy flowering teas.

To Enjoy

Best served in a teapot, or a large glass mug with sufficient space and depth to allow the blossom to completely open; add hot but not boiling water and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes for the blossom to fully unfold. Serve immediately for best taste.


Jasmine Tea

Allergy advice

May contain traces of nuts

Sizes Explained

Sample Caddy
Our small sample size caddy is the perfect way to try a new tea.
Contains 5 pieces.

Standard Caddy

Our bespoke purple damask caddy is the perfect way to keep your tea fresh.
Contains 20 pieces. 

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