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Jasmine with Flowers

Jasmine with Flowers

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Our Jasmine green tea, Jasmine with Flowers, is crafted from premium whole Chinese green tea leaves and jasmine flower petals, with absolutely no flavourings or additives.

The result is a softer, sweeter, and more fragrant jasmine tea that stands in stark contrast to the commercially available jasmine teas often found in teabags or from large producers.

Many of these mass-produced jasmine teas are made from lower quality tea leaves with jasmine added as a harsh chemical flavour, leading to a poor reputation for jasmine tea. Our Jasmine with Flowers, however, uses no additives or chemicals and is produced naturally using a method developed almost 2,000 years ago.

Fresh, young tea leaves are picked, and during the drying process, natural jasmine flower petals are scattered over the tea leaves, allowing them to naturally absorb the scents and flavours. The result is a balanced, subtle, crisp, and fragrant jasmine green tea, which is elegant and refreshing with a slight citrus finish.

Jasmine with Flowers can be enjoyed at any time of day and pairs particularly well with strong, spicy dishes and seafood, making it an excellent after-dinner digestif. Additionally, this tea is high in catechins, theaflavins, flavonoids, and polyphenol antioxidants, and possesses strong antibacterial qualities.


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Jasmine tea may not be the oldest type of tea produced in China, but it is one of the most popular and symbolic in Modern Chinese society and has a significant following the World over.

Jasmine plants were introduced to China in the first couple of centuries AD via India, and within a few hundred years were commonly used to flavour green teas. Fujian is the region best known for jasmine tea production and most importantly, Fuzhou, Fujian where altitude and climate are ideal for the cultivation of both jasmine and tea plants. 

Jasmine also has symbolic meaning in China and is commonly served as a welcome beverage in homes and businesses, especially when welcoming guests. Jasmine is also one of the holy flowers of Buddhism used frequently as religious offerings and the buds and flowers are now often used at weddings. Jasmine represents purity and is said to have a celestial fragrance as well as possessing practical effects as an anti-toxin and energiser.

The traditional method for creating jasmine teas is to scatter the jasmine blossoms on the drying green tea leaves in order for the scent to infuse the tea leaves with natural flavour. This method is still used to this day in China, Vietnam and Japan to create jasmine teas.

Unfortunately, many of the jasmine teas on the market today use chemicals and poor-quality tea leaves which result in acrid, bitter and overpowering infusions far removed from the true flavour of jasmine. For a true jasmine tea, the ingredients should list tea leaves, jasmine blossoms and absolutely nothing else.

To Enjoy

Place one teaspoon or teabags per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Switch the kettle off, before it boils, when you hear the water rumbling. Add the hot, but not boiling, water and infuse for 3 minutes. Serve immediately or remove leaves to prevent spoiling


Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers.

Allergens Note: All products are packed in an environment that contains nuts and other allergens.

Our Sizes Explained


Standard Caddy

Our bespoke white and lilac caddy is the perfect way to keep your infusion fresh.
Contains enough for approximately 40 cups of happiness.

Refill Pouch

Refill Cartons

The refill carton, available in Standard and Large, is a perfect, environmentally friendly way to replenish your Tea Palace Caddies.

Contains enough for approximately 40 cups (Standard) or 60 cups (Large) of one of our infusions.

Sample Caddy

Sample Caddy

Our small sample size caddy weighs 45g and is the perfect way to try a new infusion or multiple different blends.
It contains enough for approximately 10 cups of goodness. 

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About Jasmine With Flowers

Jasmine With Flowers tea is an elegant and aromatic blend crafted from the finest green tea leaves infused with delicate jasmine flowers. This infusion offers a harmonious marriage of flavours and fragrances that is both soothing and uplifting.

The base of green tea provides a subtle and refreshing backdrop to the blend, allowing the delicate floral notes of jasmine to shine through.

With each sip, you'll experience the enchanting aroma and floral sweetness of jasmine flowers, which infuse the tea with their captivating essence.

Sipping on a cup of Jasmine With Flowers tea is a sensory experience that transports you to a tranquil garden in full bloom. The gentle fragrance and delicate flavour of jasmine flowers evoke a sense of calm and serenity, making this blend the perfect choice for moments of relaxation and contemplation.

Whether enjoyed as a calming hot beverage to start your day or as a refreshing iced tea on a warm afternoon, Jasmine With Flowers tea is a versatile and enchanting choice that can be savoured any time of day. Indulge in the exquisite taste and aroma of this delightful blend and let its floral essence brighten your day with every sip.