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Lung Ching Dragonwell

Lung Ching Dragonwell

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Embark on a journey into the realm of Lung Ching, a tea revered for its rich history, unparalleled quality, and captivating flavour profile. Originating from the quaint village of Longjing nestled in the scenic landscapes of Zhejiang, China, Lung Ching, also known as Longjing or Dragonwell, holds a cherished place in the world of tea connoisseurs.

As you traverse the verdant tea fields of Longjing, you'll encounter the meticulous process behind this esteemed green tea. Each leaf is carefully handpicked, selected for its optimal size, freshness, and vibrant colour, ensuring only the finest specimens are chosen for production.

What sets Lung Ching apart is its time-honoured method of pan-firing, a technique passed down through generations of skilled artisans. By gently toasting the leaves in large woks, the oxidation process is halted, preserving the tea's natural flavours and aromas. The result is a tea with a distinctive appearance, boasting long, flat leaves that unfurl elegantly upon steeping, releasing a symphony of fragrances.

Savouring a cup of Lung Ching is a sensory experience like no other. With each sip, you'll be greeted by a subtle sweetness reminiscent of honey, accompanied by delicate floral notes and a refreshing, brisk finish. Unlike steamed green teas, Lung Ching offers a harmonious balance of flavours, with minimal bitterness and a smooth, velvety texture that caresses the palate.

But Lung Ching is more than just a beverage—it's a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of the tea plant. With its rich history and unparalleled quality, Lung Ching stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of the tea makers who have perfected this timeless brew for centuries.

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Lung Ching (Longjing/Dragonwell) is one of the most famous and highly prized Chinese teas with Longjing season creating a buzz every year. This wonderful, roasted, flat leaf green is highly desired for its lush, fruit-sweet flavours and refreshing delicacy and that alone would make it one of the most popular green teas available; but Longjing also has not one, but two wonderful stories attached to its iconic name and popularity.

Longjing is the name of the village where this famous tea is grown named so for its location near a fresh spring that was believed to lead to an underground sea where a great dragon lived. As the dragon was thought to bring water from the sea to create the spring, it was thought that he could do the same above ground and bring water from the sea to create the rain. During a particularly harsh time of drought local Buddhist priests advised that if the whole village prayed to the dragon he would bring the water to them, and so they prayed and lo and behold! The rains began and growth returned to the land!

The second story takes place long after Longjing became famous. The Qianlong Emperor visited the Hu Gong Temple on holiday and whilst enjoying Longjing was enamoured of the movements of the women picking the tea leaves in a nearby field. Their movement was so entrancing that he decided to join them, picking the Longjing leaves and placing them in his wide, deep sleeves.

During picking he received a message that his mother, the Empress Dowager Chongqing had fallen ill so he rushed to her side so urgently he completely forgot about the leaves still hidden in his sleeves.

When he arrived at her bedside, the Empress was enlivened by a delicious aroma which happened to be the tea leaves. The Emperor immediately brewed the leaves for his mother in the hope of restoring her and she enjoyed them immensely.

To Enjoy

Place one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Switch the kettle off, before it boils, when you hear the water rumbling. Add the hot, but not boiling, water and infuse for 3 minutes. Serve immediately or remove leaves to prevent spoiling.


Green Tea.

Allergens Note: All products are packed in an environment that contains nuts and other allergens.

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Contains enough for approximately 40 cups of happiness.

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Sample Caddy

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About Lung Ching Dragonwell

Lung Ching or "Longjing," often referred to as Dragonwell, is a renowned green tea originating from China, specifically from the West Lake region near Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province.

Lung Ching is known for its distinctive flat, sword-shaped leaves. The leaves are uniform in size and have a jade-green colour.

Lung Ching Dragonwell undergoes a unique pan-firing process during its production. The tea leaves are pan-fired in large woks to halt the oxidation process, preserving the tea's green color and fresh flavor.

The flavour of Lung Ching Dragonwell is often described as smooth, mellow, and slightly sweet with a hint of chestnut or roasted undertones. It has a refreshing quality and lacks the astringency found in some other green teas.

The aroma of Lung Ching is fresh and grassy, with a delicate and pleasing fragrance. The pan-firing process contributes to the tea's distinctive toasty notes.

Authentic Lung Ching Dragonwell tea comes from the West Lake region near Hangzhou. The terroir of this region, with its unique climate and soil conditions, plays a crucial role in the tea's character.

Lung Ching is typically brewed at lower temperatures (around 71–80°C or 160–175°F ) to preserve its delicate flavours. The leaves can be steeped multiple times.

When steeped, Lung Ching leaves unfurl, displaying their flat and uniform shape. The liquor has a pale yellow-green colour.

Lung Ching Dragonwell holds cultural significance in China and is often presented as a gift. It has a long history and is associated with traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.

Like other green teas, Lung Ching Dragonwell contains moderate levels of caffeine. It provides a gentle energy boost without the higher caffeine levels found in black tea or coffee.