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Our Pure Lavender infusion epitomizes simplicity and elegance, offering a fragrant and aromatic experience like no other. Crafted with the utmost care, we source only the finest Lavender Angustifolia flowers, ensuring a superior infusion that captivates the senses and promotes a restful night of sleep.

Lavender, a member of the mint family, shares many of the same esteemed health benefits. Renowned for its ability to instil a sense of calm and well-being, Lavender is often sought after as a natural remedy for insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and depression. Additionally, it is believed to possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, along with aiding digestion and alleviating pain.

Upon brewing, our Lavender infusion releases pungent floral aromas that transport you to fields of blooming lavender. The liquor, adorned with a mesmerizing blue-green hue, invites you to indulge in its freshness and clarity. With each sip, experience the crisp, clean taste enriched with delicate floral notes and a subtle underlying sweetness—a delightful companion for moments of relaxation and tranquillity, any time of the day.

Our Pure Lavender infusion is crafted with only certified Lavender Angustifolia flowers and no additives, ensuring a pure and authentic experience with every brew. Whether you seek a moment of repose or simply wish to savour the exquisite flavours of lavender, our infusion promises an unparalleled journey of sensory delight and well-being.


To Enjoy

Place one dessertspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 4 minutes.



Allergens Note: All products are packed in an environment that contains nuts and other allergens.

Our Sizes Explained


Standard Caddy

Our bespoke white and lilac caddy is the perfect way to keep your infusion fresh.
Contains enough for approximately 40 cups of happiness.

Refill Pouch

Refill Cartons

The refill carton, available in Standard and Large, is a perfect, environmentally friendly way to replenish your Tea Palace Caddies.

Contains enough for approximately 40 cups (Standard) or 60 cups (Large) of one of our infusions.

Sample Caddy

Sample Caddy

Our small sample size caddy weighs 45g and is the perfect way to try a new infusion or multiple different blends.
It contains enough for approximately 10 cups of goodness. 

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About Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is an herbal infusion made from the dried flowers of the lavender plant (Lavandula spp.). Known for its distinctive aroma and calming properties, lavender tea has gained popularity for both its delightful flavour and potential therapeutic benefits.

Lavender tea is crafted using the dried flowers of the lavender plant. Lavandula angustifolia, commonly known as English lavender, is a popular variety for culinary and tea purposes.

Lavender tea offers a unique and floral flavor profile with sweet and herbal notes. The taste is often described as mild and soothing, making it an ideal choice for relaxation.

The aroma of lavender tea is one of its most distinctive features. The tea releases a calming and fragrant scent, reminiscent of the lavender fields from which it originates.

When brewed, lavender tea typically produces a light yellow to pale amber-coloured liquor. The exact colour may vary based on factors such as steeping time and the quantity of lavender used.

Lavender tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it suitable for consumption at any time of the day. Its lack of caffeine enhances its appeal as a calming and bedtime beverage.

Lavender is renowned for its potential calming and stress-relieving properties. Drinking lavender tea is often associated with relaxation and may contribute to a sense of tranquility.

Lavender has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for its potential health benefits. It is believed to have properties that may promote relaxation, aid digestion, and support overall well-being. However, it's important to note that individual responses may vary.

Lavender tea can be enjoyed on its own or blended with other herbs and flowers to create unique infusions. It is sometimes combined with other calming herbs like chamomile for a soothing blend.

In addition to being brewed as tea, lavender is used in culinary applications. Some people incorporate lavender flowers into recipes for desserts, baked goods, and even savoury dishes to add a subtle floral flavour.

Lavender tea is often chosen as part of a relaxation ritual. Many people enjoy a cup before bedtime to unwind and promote a restful night's sleep.