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Tea Palace

White Peony with Mint

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This light and refreshing blend includes just two exceptional, pure ingredients and nothing else. Our large-leaf White Peony tea is combined with our special cut of pure peppermint leaves for a fragrant infusion with a touch of mint flavour.

This wonderfully delicate and refreshing white tea blend combines only the finest pure leaves and nothing else. Our premium, large-leaf white peony tea leaves are sourced specially from the famous tea-growing mountains in Fujian, China where they are picked by hand and naturally dried for amazing natural flavour. We have added a touch of our finest grade pure peppermint leaves for a light and coll infusion with a honeyed finish and a pale gold liquor.


Product Information

To Enjoy

Infuse 1 tea spoon per cup at approximately 80 degrees for 3 minutes, and serve. Strain well to achieve perfect clarity and serve pure and unadulterated.


White Tea, Peppermint

Allergy advice

May contain traces of nuts

Sizes Explained

Sample Caddy
Our small sample size caddy is the perfect way to try a new tea.
Contains tea for approximately 10 cups of White Tea.

Refill Carton
The refill carton, available in Standard and Large, is a perfect, environmentally friendly way to replenish your Tea Palace Caddies. Contains enough tea for approximately 50 cups (Standard) or 80 cups (Large) of White Tea.
**Please note this container is not airtight and therefore once opened tea should be transferred to an airtight caddy or storage jar.

Standard Caddy
Our bespoke purple damask caddy is the perfect way to keep your tea fresh.
Contains tea for approximately 50 cups of White Tea. 

Large Caddy
Our Large bespoke purple damask caddy is the perfect way to keep your favourite tea fresh.
Contains enough tea for approximately 80 cups of White Tea.

Health Benefits
  • Leaving tea leaves so close to their natural state means that white tea contains more polyphenols than any other type of tea. It is these powerful antioxidants that are responsible for killing cancer-causing cells.
  •  White tea has been proven to provide protection within the body for the skin and skin cells.  It protects the cells from sun damage and possibly prevents skin cancer thanks to the protective measure it takes once inside the body. (
  • According to studies performed at the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University, white tea appears to have more potent anti-cancer qualities than green tea
  • a 2004 study at Pace University concluded that white tea can help your body's immune system fight off viruses and dangerous infection-causing bacteria.
  • The same study concluded that fluoride-rich white tea helps prevent the growth of dental plaque, the chief cause of tooth decay.
  • Growing evidence suggests that antioxidants found in white and green tea have the ability to not only minimize signed of ageing, but also to prevent their appearance. (

Renowned for its ability to quieten anxieties and reduce inflammation, the addition of rose has made this flavoured white tea very popular as a calming and soothing alternative to some of the more robust blends we have on offer.

Rich in Vitamin C, the essential oils in Rosebuds can help to improve circulation and are good for the heart.

Drinking rose tea is known to sooth the nerves and the emotional state of mind - it is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress and nervous tension.

Teas containing roses are also known to sooth a mild sore throat.